Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Best of Blogstar Man

Hello,blog buffs. I'm sitting here in this comfy IKEA chair that I received as an early birthday present, after having broken my ankle on about the first of July. That is a whole little story in itself. I will get to that later. But, first I have to clear up some possible misconceptions that anyone reading my profile might have gotten. By the sound of the profile, what with the painting, writing, music, and such, you might have the erroneous impression that I'm an active person. That is far from the case. Most of the time, I just seem to do as little as possible. Of course, having been stuck in a cast for a couple of months, my natural lassitude is brought into high relief.
I have been dabbling most of my life in art, music and writing. If given the chance, I would prefer just to be on vacation. I don't know how many hours I've spent just looking out the window at the old maple tree in front of the apartment. I'm generally a loafer. Although, at times, I am forced into action.
Back to the here and now. I started this blog a few years back and somehow it never got off the ground. For one, I'm technologically challenged. For years, I tapped away on an old mechanical machine, and then only when the mood hit me. Of course, when I'd arrived here in Montreal in the early eighties, after having survived this fiasco in Florida, I was ready to write the Great American Novel. I was staying in this old rooming house on Rue Ontario, located above a little jazz cafe that looked like it was out of the Left Bank in the thirties.
I had again survived a few tough scrapes and was still fueled by the residual adrenalin from living on the edge in a place where they take their social Darwinism "dead serious", South Florida.
But, before I go back down that road, I'd like to try and paste in some of the early Blogstar entries. They will help give you a flavor of the circles that I run in. To stretch the pun, my personal little rat race inside the great industrial rat race around me. So, if I can do a successful cut and paste operation, I'll take you back to the first postings.